Hi ,
i had a customer earlier who was asking me about the packaging for our bath products , I decided to email one of our main suppliers and got a very prompt reply – this is the beauty of dealing with small family Businesses for our stock ?and here is the reply I got :
β€œWe have had a lot of questions about this recently, which is great! The public really are becoming more aware of plastics and the environment πŸ™‚

All of our shrink wrap is both recyclable and biodegradable πŸ™‚

All of our plastic tubs and bottles are made from PET (the new shower jelly pots are made from PP) and both are easily recycled through normal household recycling bins πŸ™‚

The balms and face oils are in amber glass which is also recycled through normal household recycling glass bins πŸ™‚

Our bath salts are in kraft paper pouches (recyclable and biodegradable ) and the lining of the pouches is also PET which is recyclable :-)”

On a personal note , The items we pack ourselves in the shop , like bath bombs and hand soaps , are in biodegradable cellophane bags , our candles are either in tins or recyclable glass jars , one of our candles comes in a jar which is made from recycled glass already ?

I know that this is a subject close to many peoples Hearts at the moment , particularly for us in Cromer as the Sea is such a big part of our lives and the news about plastics in the Oceans that have been in the News recently have been heartbreaking so it is good to get confirmation that our main supplier is doing all they can ?