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Moving on from the packaging post post yesterday I thought I would talk about a couple of recycling ideas with our stock ? our crackle candles come in glass jars that already are made from recycled glass but as you can see in the photo above they come with an attractive cork lid . As all our candles are 100% soy wax it is safe to wash the glass jar in hot soapy water afterwards and use it to store foodstuffs, buttons , mini bath bombs , or anything else you can think of ?
The “ Flamingo “ candle range pictured above have screw top lids so good for storage, once washed out thoroughly ,but when we were at the Trade Show a couple of weeks ago the guy who was showing these had some of the jars that he’d washed , put some water in and had a few fresh flowers in them – they looked really pretty and a great idea as these jars ,I think , are too pretty to just dump into the recycling bin ?