Now that our First Birthday has been and gone I thought I would talk about one of the things that nobody prepares you for when you say that you are opening a Shop : The days when hardly any customers come in .

Someone told me a while ago that :”You can’t open a shop and expect people to come in “ but if I didn’t expect that I would never have opened one ?

There is no way of telling by looking outside if your day is going to be busy or quiet , Cromer can be packed but with Tourists who want the Beach , the Amusement Arcade, Chips or Ice Cream etc and aren’t shopping at all and then on other days where it seems awfully quiet outside you can get a couple of customers with a long shopping list .

I am very grateful for my Kindle and /or iPad for the quiet days as there is a limit to how much shelf dusting and stock rearranging you can do and they are a welcome distraction from worrying that you might not get another Customer again ??

oh better go , someone has just walked into the shop ?…….